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Originally from Salinas, California, I was a line cook at a restaurant in San Francisco called 15 Romolo. I was layed off during Covid-19 and I started to learn C# while making little games with Unity. I soon realized I loved coding and even with the many frustratings hours of bugs I kept coming back. I loved the feeling of solving problems and seeing my code do stuff and work so I decided to pursue it fulltime and make a career out of it.

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FullStackIndie Blog

Blog site where I share tutorials and my thoughts on interesting topics

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Open Source Projects

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An API built to make working with Vivox Voice and Text Chat easier in Unity Game Engine for indie game devs and small teams

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XML SiteMap Generator

A CLI Tool that can crawl your website and generate an XML Sitemap so Search Engines can find your site and and increase your SEO ranking

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JavaScript Challenges

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